Men of the 13th Light Dragoons

Corporal John Allen

Private Job Allwood

Private Lewis G Andrews

Private George Badger

Private William Henry Bainton

Private Thomas Blackett

Sergeant Ernest Lucas Braithwaite

Private John Brooks

Private Henry Brown

Private James Cameron

Private A. Hutchison Campbell

Corporal Richard Chadwick

Cornet Denzil Thomas Chamberlayne

Private William D Colson

Private Thomas Cooke

Private A. George Cooper

Private Joseph Coulter

Private Charles Court

Private Josiah Cresswell

Private James Cunningham

Trumpeter Richard Davis

Private George Dearlove

Private Alfred Deason

Private William Dorell

Private Joseph Doughton

Private John Douglas

Private Robert William Duke

Private WIlliam Allen Dumayne

Private William Eccles

Private John Ettridge

Private Robert Evans

Private Stephen Farrington

Private John Fenton

Private Edward John Firkins

Private Robert Frazer

Trumpeter Joseph Gammage

Private William Gardiner

Regimental Sergeant Major George Gardner

Private George Garnham

Private George Gibson

Corporal William H Glynn

Captain Thomas Howard Goad

Private James Gorman

Private Christopher Edward Hanlon

Private John Henry Harding

Private Amos Harris

Private Edward Hindley

Private Algernon Holliday

Trumpeter William Howarth

Private Edwin Hughes

Sergeant Edward Hunt

Captain Soame Gambier Jenyns

Lieutenant Edward Lennox Jervis

Sergeant Thomas George Johnson

Private John Keeley

Private John Keen

Private Thomas Kimble

Private James Lamb

Private William Lawson

Sergeant Edwin Leaney

Troop Sergeant Major John Linkon

Corporal Mathew Long

Sergeant Daniel Mahoney

Private James Malanfy

Corporal Joseph Malone

Private William Martin

Sergeant Edward Martin

Private James Robert Mayhew

Private John McCann

Private Thomas McGorrine

Private Albert Mitchell

Cornet Hugh Montgomery

Private Joseph Moore

Sergeant Patrick Morrisey

Sergeant John Mulcahy

Sergeant Benjamin Nagle

Private Henry Dyson Naylor

Private James Naylor

Private William Nicholson

Captain John Augustus Oldham

Private James Pamplin

Sergeant Fredrick Peake

Private John Pedrick

Private Henry Pegler

Private Enoch Percival

Private Thomas Pollard

Trumpeter Harry Powell

Private Joseph Rhodes

Corporal John Daniel Robinson

Private Richard Rowley

Private William Sewell

Private James Slattery

Troop Sergeant Major George Smith

Corporal E.W.Aubrey Smith

Lieutenant Percy Shawe Smith

Private Henry Taylor

Captain Arthur Tremayne

Private John Veitch

Private Frederick Viner

Private Charles Warren

Private William Watlen

Private James Watson

Troop Sergeant Major John Weston

Private Thomas White

Private Henry George Wickham

Private George Wilde

Private George Williams

Private Thomas Joseph Williams

Private Edmund Wright