In Memory of the men who fell whilst serving with the 13th/18th Royal Hussars (QMO) during World War Two and in honour of those that served and returned without their friends and brothers.

Viret in aeternum

Lance Corporal Richard Woodcock

Lance Corporal Horace William Fishe

Trooper Reginald Norman Fletcher

Trooper Victor Forrest

Trooper Cecil John Gough

Lance Corporal Edward Frazer

Serjeant Ronald Norman Hepper MM

Lance Corporal Stephen Frances Hitchcox

Trooper Robert Carmichael

Trooper Thomas Cowen

Trooper William Cumbes

Trooper John Edward Dwyer

Trooper Francis Donald Broadhurst

Trooper Andrew Marshall

Trooper Nicholas Mitsialis

Trooper Thomas Morris

Serjeant Frederick Ernest Scamp

Trooper Charles Searle

Trooper Frank Norman Tapley

Trooper Barry Charles James Walden

Trooper George Alan Webber

Trooper Robert Benson Wilcox

Trooper Frank Wood

Serjeant Frank Bradley

Serjeant Stanley George Diver MM

Trooper James Gardner

Serjeant Christopher Sheehan

Trooper Frederick Albert Sitch

Trooper James Douglas Scott Horsman

Trooper Harold Challis

Trooper Barry George Doswell

Trooper Richard Haskayne

Trooper Victor Higgs

Trooper Harold Kneale

Trooper Raymond John Banks

Trooper Leslie Sydney Donald Dowell

Trooper F Higgs

Trooper John Stanley Maddison

Trooper Cyril Joseph Plant

Trooper Vincent Albert Crook

Lieutenant John Edward Bertie

Lieutenant Colonel Desmond FFrench-Blake

Trooper Joseph William Robinson

Trooper William De Looze

Corporal Francis Underhay

Lieutenant Michael Alan Ritchie

Lieutenant John Burton Bell

WO1 Harold Edwin Beesley RSM

Major William Francis Butler

Trooper Charles Kenneth Gaskill

Lieutenant Edward Moulding MID

Lieutenant Philip George Turner

Trooper Albert Baker Bell

Trooper Benjamin Thomas Brazier

Trooper Wilfred Bernard Hadwin

Captain John Irvine Hugh Wardlaw

Trooper William Cockerham

Lance Corporal Gordon Turner Dart

Trooper Harry Evans

Corporal John Joseph Mears

Trooper Gerard Francis Wilton

Trooper Ronald Hall

Trooper James Walter Mincher

Major James Hawker

Trooper David Ritchie Low

Lieutenant Peter Derek Vassar Hunter MC

Captain Peter Edward Lycett Lyon MC

Lieutenant Roy Benyon Burgess

Major James Pringle Delius

Trooper William George Fullbrook

Trooper Thomas Edward Gray

Lieutenant Bernard Tresham Hardy MM

Trooper Harry Hughes

Lance Corporal Lloyd Kershaw

Corporal William Arthur Lee MM

Serjeant Charles Norris

Trooper Frederic Ronald Sayce

Lance Corporal Harold Shufflebotham

Corporal Stanley Singleton

Trooper Albert Smith Totten

Trooper Max Weiner

Trooper Norman Whittaker

Lieutenant Colonel Richard Thresher Giles Harrap

Trooper William Henry Hollands

Trooper Cecil Nicholas Murley

Trooper John Perry

Lance Corporal John George Robinson

Lance Serjeant William Jack Short

Captain Anthony William Patrick Lyon-Clark

Serjeant Donald Murchison

Serjeant Robert James O'Brian

Trooper Cecil Bernard George Stanhope

Trooper Edward N Rickatson

Trooper Thomas James Charles Ringer

Serjeant Christopher George Crosswell

Trooper Sydney Beattie

WO3 William Daniel Denness

Serjeant James Hubbard

Trooper James William Nathan Baxendale

Trooper Thomas Joseph McRae Forbes

Trooper Jack Stanley Maxwell

Trooper Cyril Symons

Trooper John Atkinson

Trooper John Campbell

Trooper Frederick William Gascoine

Trooper Frederick George Hockley

Corporal John Edmund Hoyle

Trooper Albert Latham

Trooper Charles Lovell

Trooper Edward Miller

Trooper Cecil Schofield

Trooper Harold Smith

Trooper Eric Spaven

Trooper Eric Lionel Stoate

Trooper Francis Edward Surey

Trooper Robert Arthur Shipley

Trooper Thomas Edward Barnard

Trooper Harry Welby Bone

Serjeant Ernest Kenly

Trooper Francis Joseph Midgley

Trooper Arthur Edward Shakeshaft

Lieutenant Russell Townsend-Green

SQMS William Charles Bass

Trooper John Kimberley Owens

Trooper William McKenzie

Trooper George William Garlick

Trooper James Archer