Corporal John Daniel Robinson

Born 1833 in Doncaster, in the 1851 census Robinson is shown  as 17 years old, unmarried, living at Kings Street, Doncaster with his grandfather, his occupation was shown as Labourer. He enlisted into the 13th Light Dragoons at York aged 18 years. Promoted to Corporal on the 16th October 1854 the rank he held on the 25th October 1854 when the Charge Of The Light Brigade took place.

Robinson always claimed that not only did he participate in the Charge, but that he saved the life of Lord Cardigan. In a letter to a friend in Doncaster dated the 2nd November 1854 and published by "The Weekly Dispatch" Robinson described the incident (see article below).

Interestingly Lt Percy Shawe Smith noticed Cardigan "kept his sword at the slope and did not take any trouble to defend himself, even when threatened by cossacks".

There have been numerous re-prints of Robinson's letter but it is only recently that the original article has been found proving its authenticity.

The Charge Of The Light Brigade had very little impact on ordinary Victorians, it was only after the publication of Alfred Lord Tennyson's famous poem in December 1854, that the event grew in significance. Mr Robinson's letter was sent some 8 days after the Charge on the 2nd November, before the famous poem was published, and would not have been written to take advantage of the acclaim the Chargers were to receive.

On the 1st January 1855 Robinson was tried by a Regimental Court Martial and reduced to the rank of Trooper, he returned to England in 1856 and on the 13th June 1860 while stationed at Cahir, Ireland, Robinson purchased his discharge from the army on payment of £20.

Upon returning to his home town of Doncaster, John Robinson married (Hannah) and had a daughter (Anne) for the next 30 years John lived at 20 Milton Street Doncaster and worked as an Iron Turner. He died on the 23rd May 1890 aged 56 of Pneumonia. He was buried in an unmarked grave in Hyde Park Cemetery, Doncaster.

Through research undertaken by the Association with the grateful assistance of Mr Richard Bell from the Friends Of Hyde Park Cemetery, we have been able to locate the unmarked grave of Corporal John Daniel Robinson, a survivor of The Charge Of The Light Brigade, a true Doncaster hero, one of the valiant 600.

After 128 years of being forgotten, we believe that Corporal Robinson of the 13th Light Dragoons should have his grave marked with a suitable memorial and an appropriate re-dedication service be held.

We would ask you to consider a donation towards the cost of this work, for which permission has been secured from Doncaster Metropolitan Borough Council.

OUR TARGET AMOUNT IS £900 - RAISED SO FAR (17/10/18) £155

Information on Corporal John Robinson taken from Forgotten Heroes by Roy Dutton