In Memory of the men who fell whilst serving with the 13th/18th Royal Hussars (QMO) during World War Two and in honour of those that served and returned without their friends and brothers.

Viret in aeternum

Trooper Russell William Charles Burgoyne

Trooper Leonard James Williams

Lance Corporal Douglas Edward Cork

Lieutenant Ian (Jum) Gordon

Trooper James Shepherd

Trooper John William Cummings

Lance Corporal John Thomas

Trooper Frederick Watson

Corporal Jack Williams

Lance Serjeant William James Woodard

Trooper George Courtney

Trooper Thomas Henry Lohrenz

Trooper James Oliver

Lance Serjeant Russell Henry Coward

Lance Corporal John Theophilus Wileman

Trooper Alfred Pritchard

Trooper Albert John Belson

Lieutenant Henry David Jennison MC

Trooper Stanley William Joseph Bannard

Corporal John Craven

Lance Serjeant Joseph Gillibrand

Trooper Walter Henry Arnold

Trooper Frederick John Brown

Trooper Albert Edgar Dodson

Trooper Stanley Read

Lieutenant John Murray Harding

Corporal Frank Edisbury

Lance Corporal Walter Hubert Sutherland

Trooper Ronald Frederick Mason

Lieutenant Trevor Alexander Shaw Anderson

Lance Corporal Frederick Walter Ford

Trooper Donald Robinson Jamieson

WO2 Robert Anderson Park

Trooper Paul John Betts Gosling

Trooper Raymond Henry Frederick Knight

Corporal Frederick Thomas Pink

Serjeant Alfred Arthur Beardsall

Lance Corporal John Parr

Serjeant William Wear

Corporal Bernard Francis Bestwick

Trooper Alfred Minshull

Trooper Ronald Thomas Hine

Trooper John Edmund Knagg

Lance Corporal Percy James Lewis

Corporal Kenneth Pendlebury

Trooper Norman Raynor

Trooper Denis Reginald Smith

Trooper John Mason

Corporal Ernest David Booker

Trooper John Cunliffe

Trooper John Thomas Green

Lance Serjeant George Alfred Hind MM

Corporal William Ellis Jackson

Trooper Robert Rutherford Pickard

Trooper Mathew McGill Telford

Lance Corporal William Hay Taylor

Sergeant Reginald Charles Blake

Trooper Russell William Charles Burgoyne